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AUDIOLNGUAL:1=Goal is to make students to be able to use the trget lnguage Communicatively. They need to learn to use the trgt language without Think,automatically.2 ≠T directs and controls the students´lnguage behavior.They are imitators of teacher´s model.3=New vocab and structural Patterns are presentd dialogs.This dialogs are learned through repetitn and Imitatn.4=Interactn is iniciated by the T.6Lnguage and clture consist on Everyday behavior.7=Everyday speech is emphasized,also grammar.Vocab is kept to A minimum order of 4skills.Oral skills reveices most of the attentn.8 ≠Students´s Natic language isn´t used.9 ≠TO evaluat,tere isn´t an exactly way of Evaluatn.10T tries to avoid students´mistakes with is/her awareness.

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