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the companion cells move the charged hydrogen to their cells walls actively creating a cycle, when a gradient is created then a passive move is crated then as the hydrogen enters to the cell sucrose enters to the companion cell via a cotransported. 

when sucrose is in the companion cell it passes to the sieve(phloem) via plasmamodesmata. 

casparian strips is a way to block aploplastic pathways of the water therefore alll water is force to move through go by symplastic pathway this is to controls movements of water and ions  going to the plant 

xylem passes suborns and phloem move assimilates

whys glucose to sucrose?
Sucrose are more efficient in energy storage when compared to glucos. Sucrose is soluble in water.  

cohition: one water molecule attracting other
addition: water attar other molecules that polar

Xerophytes are plants with adoption of short water supply: desserts, cold places, beaches 

aploplastic: cell wall to cell wall
symplastic: through cell wall and plasmodesmata

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