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cladistics is classifcation based on comon ancesstry

outgroup, share no derived characters
Aristotle, structure of fruits and seeds

Peristeria elata, PTY PLANT NAME

Clade,group of species that share certain traits

Carl Linnaeus, twor-word naming classifyi system

limitations of CARL. LIN. -they had no technology, didnt had molecular evidences.

the goal of cladistics is to place species in order, the benifit- have the species in order of commo ancestors

phyla of animals are defined by structural and functional characteristics

cnidarians are aquiatic triploblastic

heterophs cant make their own food

sponges reproduce asexualy by budding

mesoglea separates the two tissue layers in cnidarians

flatworm and annelids first oppening is the mouth

A polyp differs from medusa cause the mouth and tentacles points upward

Protostomes begins with the mouth and deuterostomes begin withe the anus

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