Bioelements in biology

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non-living things

Non-living things are made Up of inorganic Matter. The most abundant chemical elements wich make up inorganic Matter are: oxygen, Silicon, aluminium, and Iron

living things 

all libing things Aldo calles organisms, are made Up of the same chemical elements. Bioelements

The dix abundant bioelements are: carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen, phosphorus, and sulphur. 

The atoms and molecules of bioelements combine wich each other through chemical reactions, producing biomolecules.

may be: 

•inorganic, such as Water and mineral salts.

•organic (unique yo living things), such as carbonhydrates, lipids, proteíns and nucleids acuda.

In orderto classify something as living It must:

•be composed of bioelements

•be made up small units calles cells.

• perform the three vital functions of nutrition, reproduction and interaction.

•grow and develop.

•adapt to its enviroment un order yo survive.

move in some way.

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