Bioelements and their functions

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Monosaccharides(Glucosa is terh most important, which Is  used in cell respiration.Fructose.Ribose). Disaccharides(Sucrose is the sugar we sprinkle en the coffe.Lactose). Polysaccharides(Starches(glucosa In palnts).Glycogen(animals).Cellulose(cell walls of plant cells).Lipids: store Energy,they have structural functions, they ar fat deposits and custionthe body To prevent damage.Tryglycerides:glycerol backbone and 3 fatty acids Tails.Phospholipids: glycerol backbone and two faty acids chains.Steroids:colesterol Is the starting material for all steroids, the molecule has a 4 ring System.Proteins:are macromolecukles made up of amino acids. 

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