Bioethical problems and possible solutions

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-The bioethical issues: discoveries and technological advance has its own huge profits. Needless to say, all q, this has meant for humanity. tmb elsewhere in this technology and have a face progeso q fabor least raises serious moral dilemmas. underscore the legitimacy of the experimentation on animals and humans and the impact of advances in genetic engineering. for this reason the development of a bioetca (encargadad discipline and study and meet the ethical issues related to life) is serious and effective q is a q Responsability tenemo future generations and us .- Possible Solutions, "a return to nature: if the cause of the evils are inherent in the current system of life and development and industrial tencologico the only solution is to return to a state of life pretecnologico.esta position defends the thinker Rousseau q is based on a conception of human similar to the myth of the noble savage, according to Rousseau, human beings are good, generous and free by nature and civilization who is corrupt, enslave and does not preach embrutexe.aunq regra rousseau state of nature, there are ideas like the hippie movement q mucho.este paresen retroseso is for many thinkers can not be done because it means giving up the drawbacks of the technique and accomplishments this implies q .-the Tecnoetica: science is netrual xq se ICUP to expand our knowledge but the technology can be employed by appropriate or inappropriate for this reason eticamente.por technology is not intrinsically good or bad. q intet besides the technicians must take and particpate in this Tecnoetica and therefore feel held responsible for the consequences of their work.

- According to Mario Bugna some of the causes of growth of technology is inctrolado q the technicians do not feel morally responsible for their conscuencias technician should proyectos.el responsible for everything sentirese q hare, designs or plans, aunq no he established purposes and merely to fulfill orders ordenes.las NodeB be attacked cndo contravene our principles morales.Bugne q states can not manipulate the world like a piece of clay, watered at the same time to take responsibility for what is done or q refuses to do particalrmente is the skill of experts in question is needed to repair the damage done q or at least to prevent future damage.

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