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  • genetic mutations: they affect the chemical structure of genes
  • chromosomal mutations: they affect the structure of chromomes - unaltered chromosome/duplication/inversion/translocation
  • numeric mutations: they affect the number of chrosomes - aneuploidy/euploid
  • physical mutagens: they radiation affect DNA
  • chemical mutagens: chemical compounds alter the sequence of nucleotides found in DNA
  • biological mutagens
  • neutral: mutations are neither positive nor harmful
  • beneficial: mutations tend to be good for you
  • harmful: mutations are harmful for you
  1. DNA is fragmented usign restriction enzymes
  2. bacterial vector is obtained
  3. recombinant DNA is formed 
  4. it is introduced in a host cell
  5. the cells introduce gene reproduce
  1. uses microorganisms in production processes to complete them
  2. is based on the achievements of genetic engineering

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