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chargaff studied the composition of DNA from different sources and found that the proportions of wA equal that of T and G equals C

1- The portion of A always equals that of T and the portion of G=C
2- the ratio of G-C to A-T varies with different species.
Complementary bases 
Watson and Crick built a model consisting of 2 antiparallel strands wrapped in a helix about a common axis. The 2 strands are held together by hydrogen bonds between the bases. The 2 strands are thus complementary to each other
which is not part of the Watson and Crick model / The 2 DNa strands are oriented in parallel 5-3 
The difference between Leanding-lagging is a consequence of/ Both physical structure and of DNA and the action of polymerizes enzyme
The Central Dogma/ the information passes from DNA to RNA to protein 
Eukaryotic TRANSCRIPTION diff to prokaryote in that/ Eukaryote have 3 RNA polymerases
Los exons son los fragments del gen que codified aminoácidos de la proteína mientras que los intrones son fragmentos del gen que se encuentran separando los distintos exones y no codifican aminoácidos.

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