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Hi all! // CA3 Food review

I’m going to talk about MasterChef, famous cooking program.

MasterCheff starts in July 1990 created by Franc Roddam. 
In the TV program, contestants need cook different type
of food because later, one tribunal will judge the
results. The winner of the program will get a lot of
money. At the start, we meet the participants, their jobs and
their lives. Depend of day, they have one type of
ingredients or other, they have to cook everything
with those ingredients. As the program progress,
we can view contestants cooking different foods in a
little loop of time. If they don’t finish on time,
are disqualified. When the time is finished, the chefs
presents her cooked dishes to a tribunal, who are
managers the results. Actually MasterChef have another formats. We can see
MasterChef: The Professionals for professional working
chefs, Celebrity MasterChef and Junior MasterChef, a
version created and adapted for children. Australia
created the fifth version called MasterChef All-Stars,
for former contestants to raise money for charity. Personally I think that program it’s great and
entertaining :)
---------------------------------------------------------- Hello classmates! // CA2 Learning online I go to talking about if it's possible learning
anything online and why it's interesting. I think that you can learn anything online. There are
lots of good things about studying online. The first
advantage is that you can administer better your time
because not waste time and money to going to university.
In my case, I live in small village, 60 km from
barcelona and If I had get down to barcelona every day,
that will be expensive. I know beacause in the past I
studied in Barcelona. Another good point is that, in my opinion, people works
better alone. If you work alone, you are the
responsible of all your work. If you need to go any
place, you can, because you not have any schedule. I
like working in group too, but I prefer work alone on
specific jobs. However, go to physical school have good things too.
One adventage is, in my opinion, the teacher. You can
ask about lesson in any moment. In the online schools
you can ask for your doubts too, but it's more rapidly
If you have the teacher nearby. On one hand, I like studying online because I can
administer better my time and do the work to my rhythm.
On the other hand, by studying in school, you can
learn in group, meet new people and ask about lesson
in any moment. The two options are good but in my case,
online lessons are the best option. In conclusion, I think everybody have a different
situation and this situation will set the decision to
go in school or online school. Depends to person. Regards!

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