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Many people think that, However, In my view, I believe that, In addition, Therefore (por lo tanto) In short y Tom sum up(en resumen) In contrast (Como contraposicion) Consequently, Although(aunque) Suddenly(De repente),

- Nowadays it is very common using apps everytime we are enjoying our cell phones. People download there devices to their mobiles, laptops, tablets and so on. The android and apple apps can be used for several purposes. On the one hand, using apps is very comfortable as they save you tedious works on your computer or cell phone. On the other hand, apps take a lot of your phone memory and some of them are very expensive. Many people think that apps are dominating our lives. However, in my opinion, apps are really useful. The are apps to get slim, to keep yourself informed about sports or your hobbyes and they can do almost everything. I love apps! 
- Tv is always showing us adverts of almost everything. Some people think that TV adverts are useful while others consider it really annoying and useless. On the one hand, advertising gives you information about new products and it also shows you a lot of brand and models. On the other hand, everybody knows that adverts lie very often. You cant trust every announce they make on TV. Moreover, the image given in adverts is not real. To sum up, you can enjoy TV and watch the adverts looking for bargains or nice thing but you must be careful. Sometimes, things are not as pretty as they look on TV.
- A car was driven by a girl. This car was a small SEAT. The girl in the car didnt obey the red light and crashed against a blue Audi. The audi was driven by and old man and his son. It was a great hit and the audi took fire. The ambulances and policenman arrived in less than 3 min but they could only help the girl. The girl was tested and she vas drunk. Santander police deparment is investigatin the accident and conclusions will be realeased soon. These accidents are more common each day and many people asking to retire traffic from Sardinero beach.

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