Blind transmission shall be made

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I p l a n each route very carefully

My job is to m a i n t a i n the engines

Everyone has to k e e p watch 

We a v o i d collision by navigating safely

All crew should w e a r their personal protective equipment at the workplace

As an OOW, I h a v e to write the log book entries 

When a message is not properly heard, then the words s a y   a g a i n are said

P A N   P A N is used for emergency on board but no inmediate danger to everyone's life or to the vessel 

When a mistake is made in a message, the word c o r r e c t i o n is spoken followed by the word o v e r and then the corrected part of the message

S e c u r i t é is used for important safety information 

You call a d i s t r e s s message on your radio because your vessel is in grave and immediate danger

The word o u t is spoken when you finish your transmission and no response is expected 

Today, the s e a   s t a t e is very bad. We won't go sailing. The w e a t h e r    r e p o r t announces winds which will blow in s p e e d s of up to 45 knots with a h i g h    w a v e s of level 9. The seas will be p h e n o m e n a l, as g a l e   w a r n i n g dong with sea s p r a y which may affect visibility. The p o o r    w e a t h e r will pass very quickly.

                         Swaying              Surging
                            Pitching         Rolling

W a r n i n g --> Unknown objects in your area 

I n s t r u c t i o n --> Do not leave the harbour

A d v i c e --> Navigate with caution

I n t e n t i o n --> I will increase speed

A n s w e r --> No, I do not require assistance 

I n f o r m a t i o n --> My ETA is 10:15

write a short text about the changes in communications in the marine field????

respuesta --> The changes in communications in the marine field, goes in reference with the technology, because a lot of years ago, even centuries, when the people needed to navigate, they used primitive but creative ways to sail in the right way.   For example, the sailors used birds (ravens) to know if they were in the right way, they used the wind, the currents, the waves, the sun, the moon, among others things.   Actually, the sailors use satellites, radiocommunications, and many types of electrical and electronical devices, for example, InMARSAT, GPS, ECDIS, AIS, and many others. 

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