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Its nearly September and I decided to make some resolutions because I want to improve some things in my life before we start school again.

I promise to be more helpful. When my mum asks to help around the house, I won´t complain or make and excuse.
The next time she asks me to set the table or mop the floor, I´ll probably still argue, but the arguments will be about more important things.

Se acerca de Septiembre y decidí hacer algunas resoluciones porque quiero mejorar algunas cosas en mi vida antes de empezar la escuela de nuevo.

Prometo ser más servicial. Cuando mi mamá pide ayuda alrededor de la casa, no tengo ninguna queja o hacer y excusa.
La próxima vez que ella me pide que defina la mesa o el piso del MOP, probablemente estaré aún sostienen, pero los argumentos serán acerca de cosas más importantes.
It is June and I have decided to change certain things in my life. I have many hobbies such as swimming, playing volleyball and painting.

I also want to start to study much more to keep my parents happy and for that i do better in life.

I would like to improve my physical form, I am going to go running every day and to have a balanced diet.
All of these purposes i want to get them this summer.
Every effort has its rewards and if you follow what you get.
I have to be eager, attitude and strength of will.

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