Blood Wedding

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Plot The main plot of the book is the upcoming wedding that will unite the Bridegroom with the Bride. But the tragedy is present and prevent the marriage was consummated. The bride, who kept his love for Leonardo forgotten, wakes up when she sees her former boyfriend on her wedding day.
The work raises the conflict between two families. For one, the relatives of the groom and the mother who lost her husband and one of her children because of the other family. Leonardo's family, that of Felix, is also doomed to disaster because it's still in love with the bride, a young woman to whom he was dating for three years and even while he was married with a son, could not forget .
Finally the bride and groom get married but soon, the bride and Leonardo escape together to realize his dream of being together. The boyfriend chases through the woods until you find them and then, in a fight between Leonardo and the bridegroom, both die.
The bride, who feels he has no reason to live, visit the mother of the groom, not to apologize but that will take the life of her too. The mother, meanwhile, is unable or touching. Although I wish I could meet the request of the young, have no power to do anything, losing all he had left: his son.
Blood Wedding Summary
Act 1 Table 1: The mother and the groom hold a conversation about this marriage. Then the groom goes to the vineyard and see a neighbor, who tells the mother that the bride was in love with Leonardo that of Felix. Then comes the memory of her husband and another son died at the hands of Felix, in a familiar antagonism that lasted from generation to generation.
Table 2:
Log Leonardo, having gone to the house of the blacksmith and his wife informs him that his cousin is impressed casa.Leonardo, and the mother says he had a courtship with her. The angry woman, a girl suddenly enters and reports that the boyfriend has bought several cosas.Leonardo says the girl shut and his wife who was defending. Leonardo will angrily angry.
Table 3: The mother with the groom are directed to ask the hand of the bride to the limits of dry land where she lives with her father.
Wedding set for Thursday and after a long conversation going. Then the maid comes in and tells the bride that Leonardo was last night standing in her window.
Act 2 Table 1: The bride and the maid preparing preparations for the wedding at the home of the bride who is unhappy and distressed. Then comes Leonardo who he criticizes the way that is going to remind you join the passion that has not yet completed it despite being married. The guests begin to sing verses alluding to the marriage.
Table 2: the party starts, the father and mother talking about grandchildren. Everything seems to develop normally, the bride and groom they talk quietly without showing any problems and is blessed with happiness. Until the woman desperately Leonardo announces the bride and her husband have fled.

The mother tells her son and who are on his side go in search of lovers to kill them.
Act 3 Table 1: Loggers discuss events in the forest. Death appears asking for the moon to illuminate the paths for the groom to find lovers and the blood run. This applies both men are killed in the duel.
Table 2: The bride becomes disposed to seek forgiveness from his mother, offers to kill her and so take your honesty but the mother rejects it as well as forgiveness. She decides to stay completely alone to mourn their dead.
TOP Characters
Mother: Mother is the loyalty to the land. In their zeal to protect the offspring can identify with the land, family and blood. We must continue to maintain life through the species, through the son. Is strong and steady, patient in adversity.
The Groom: Character bit familiar with the hidden secrets of his girlfriend. Good person, despite the killing. Girlfriend loves above all else. He was proud of their land and their work.
The bride, impulsive woman was dragged by a force superior to it without realizing the damage it could cause a third party.
Father of the Bride: Male tranquil, especially interested in the land of the groom. Unconsciously warns that the bride groom does not want.
Leonardo: dishonest, selfish. Was rejected by the parents of his first love. Deeply in love. Not ashamed to leave his wife or his son to escape with the Bride. His character is similar to this: Unconscious and passionate.
It should be noted that this is the only character of the work to which it attaches a name, which underscores its importance in the plot. Moreover, while the rest of the characters see their role defined, or to a limited extent, by the name they bear, to give a proper name for this character, García Lorca is free to develop more fully and make a character less stereotyped.
The Moon appears in the forest scene, the most poetic of the work, as a young woodcutter, his face white.
The moon also plays a role as "helper of death" because, through lighting that granted (theatrical element that is emphasized repeatedly by the dimensions of the work, which is mentioned the intense blue light to be project when the character appears), is involved in the tragic end of the two men.
Death: It also appears in the forest as a beggar, barefoot and completely covered with faint dark green cloth. This character is not included in the deal. Join the search for Leonardo Groom and Bride.
The mother of Leonardo, and his wife: Guess what will happen.
Maid, neighbor and common people: They show their concern for the tragedy.
Woodcutters and waiters: Narrators of the final story.

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