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Cause effect essay

Intro- Opening strategy, Background info, thesis statement, focus on cause and effect.

Body- Topic sentence, development and support, types of evidence for cause effect claims, word for expressing cause effect relationship.

Conclusion- Restated thesis, significance of the cause effect analysis.

Problem solution essay

Intro- Background information, thesis statement, possible solutions.

Body- Topic sentence, summary of the problem, development and support.

Conclusion- Restatement of problem and solution, concluding strategy.

Words for expressing cause and effect relationships

Verbs that introduce a cause- Was caused by, will result from, is affected by.

Verbs that introduce an effect- Caused, has resulted in, has made.

Subordinating conjunctions- Since, because.

Introductory adverbsTherefore, consequently, for this reason

Prepositional phrases- As a result of the budget problems, because of the laws on fairness in college sports

Developing body paragraph

Facts, statistics, examples and personal stories

Organizing and connecting body paragraphs 

Chronological order, order importance, order sepecificity 

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