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  • virus:tiny nonliving particle that involves & reproduce inside a living cell 

  • Fungi:non-green,eukaryotic organisms

  • Lipids:Energy-rich organic compounds, like fats and oils

  • sexual reproduction: A reproductive process that involves two parents that combine their genetic material to produce a new organism, which differs from both parents

  • proteins:chains of amino acids 

  • asexual reproduction: Process by which a single parent reproduces by itself

  • bacteria:single cell organism that lack a nucleus

  • haploid cell:one set of chromosomes 


A: 1.Chloroplast 2.Cell wall

B:1.Lysosomes 2.Centrioles 

A y B:. Cell membrane, vacuole, mitochondria, ribosomes, Golgi apparatus, smooth ER, rough ER, cytoplasm 

1.Turn the revolving turret(on)

2.Place microscope slide on the stage, fasten with stage clips 

3.Look at the object lens, slide and turn the focus knob 

4.Look through the eyepiece and move focus knob 

5.Adjust the condenser and light 

6.Use microscope slide around 

1.Metabolism: sum of all chemical reactions that occur in our body

2.It provides energy to grow and reproduce, maintain the structures and respond to their environments

3.Enzymes: biological molecules that speed up the rate of the chemical reactions that take place in cells.

4. The reactants of the reaction (substrates) go to the active side of the enzyme were they react faster and with less energy. Then it separates and starts again

5.A type of metabolic reaction, breakdown larger molecules, 

6. Digestion and cellular respiration, in which break apart sugar and fats for energy. 

7. A reaction that joins smaller molecules into large ones

8.Sugar join together to create glycogen, join amino acids to create proteins. 


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