A body is placed in a certain airstream

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Singular-exceptional; unique; unusual

Skirmish-a fight between small numbers of troops; a Brief conflict

Skittish-nervous; easily startled; jumpy

Slake-to quench; to satisfy; to assuage

Solace-consolation; comfort

Solidarity-sense of unity; a sense of sharing a common Goal or attitude

Sophomoric-juvenile; childishly goofy

Sordid-morally vile; filthy; squalid

Sovereign-supreme ruler; monarch

Spate-a sudden outpouring

Specious-something that seems correct or appropriate But that lacks real worth; deceptive; misleading; not genuine

Specter-ghost; phantom

Spectrum-a broad sequence or range of different but Related things or ideas

Spurn-to reject disdainfully; to scorn

Stalwart-sturdily build; robust; valiant; unwavering

Stark-utter; unmitigated; harsh; desolate

Stint-to restrict or hold back on; to be frugal

Stipend-income; allowance; salary

Stolid-not easily roused to emotion; impassive; Apathetic; phlegmatic

Stout-plump; stocky; substantial

Stratagem-a maneuver designed to outwit an enemy; a Scheme; a ruse

Stupendous-remarkable; extraordinary; remarkably large Or extraordinarily gigantic

Stupor-a stunned condition; near-unconsciousness; Apathy; inertia

Subside-to sink or settle; to diminish; to lessen

Subsidiary-supplemental; additional; secondary or Subordinate

Subsidize-to provide financial aid; to make a Financial contribution

Substantiate-to prove; to verify; to confirm

Subterfuge-artifice; a trick or stratagem; a ruse

Suffice-to be sufficient; to be enough

Suffrage-the right to vote

Suffuse-to cover; to overspread; to saturate

Sumptuous-luxurious; splendid; lavish

Supersede-to take the place of; to supplant; to make Obsolete

Supine-lying on one's back

Supplication-humble prayer; earnest entreaty

Suppress-to overpower; to subdue; to quash

Surmise-to conjecture; to guess

Surreal-having an unreal, fantastic quality; Hallucinatory; dreamlike

Susceptible-capable of being influenced by something

Sweeping-far-reaching; extensive; wide-ranging

Syntax-the patterns or rules governing the way Grammatical sentences are formed in a given language

Systemic-affecting the entire system, especially the Entire body

Tactical-having to do with tactics

Taint-contaminant; a trace of something spoiled

Tedium-dullness; monotony; boredom

Teem-to swarm to be inundated; to overrun

Temporal-pertaining to tome; pertaining to life; Earthly existence; noneternal; short-lived

Temporize-to stall; to cause delay through indecision

Tepid-lukewarm; halfhearted

Thesis-a theory to be proven; a subject for a composition; A formal paper using original research on a subject

Thorny-full of difficulties; tough; painful

Threshold- a house's or building's entrance; any point Of beginning or entering

Extensive-covering or affecting a large area

Paltry-small or meager; petty; trivial

Ponderous-slow and clumsy because of great weight; Dull, laborious, or excessively solemn

Turpitude-depravity; weakness

Utter-to say

Shrine-a place regarded as holy

Surreptitious-kept secret, especially because it would Not be approved of.

Impose-force to be accepted or put in place; take Advantage of someone by demanding their attention or commitment

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