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  1. Mention the steps of realization for the Right of Health under article 12 of ICESCR.
    1. Reduce Infant Mortality and ensure healthy development of the child
    2. Improve environmental and industrial hygiene
    3. Present treat    and control epidemic, endemic , occupational and other and other diseases
    4. Create conditions to ensure access to health care for all
  2. All individuals are equal before the law, without distinction between the ruler and the ruled” is a statement under what convention/declaration? CDHRI Article 19
  3. Mention the statements under article 14 of the ICESCR referring to Right to Equality:
    1. The right to equality before the law .
    2. The right to be presumed innocent until proven Guilty
    3. To have fair and Public Hearing by Impartial Tribunal
  4. The UN introduced conventions and treaties with the aim of Protecting  Human Rights and to achieve justice and peace in the World .
  5. Signing the instrument does not create a Binding legal obligation but does demonstrate the State’s intent to examine the treaty domestically and consider ratifying it
  6. Ratification signifies an agreement to be legally bound by the terms of the Conventio
  7. Bahrain joined the CEDAW in 2002 and the CRC in 1992.
  8. Explain the states obligations upon ratifying a UN treaty When a nation ratifies a treaty it undertakes both negative obligations (to refrain from actions that violate human rights) and positive obligations (to take affirmative actions to guarantee the human rights are protected  
    9- steps of rights of health: 
    1. Reduce infant death and increase development in child health 
    2. Improve environmental and industrial for health science 
    3. Prevent and control and fight diseases 
    4. Ensure health care access for all  
  9.  right to equality: Right to equality before the law -. Everyone is innocent until proven guilty -Right of fair and public hearing in a court.
  10. compare between Islamic and western human rights: 
    Islamic :
    1. From God 
    2. Can't be modified 
    3. From 7th century 
    4. No governing body 
    5. Related to day to day activities
  11. Western: 
    1. By human 
    2. Can be modified 
    3. From 17th century 
    4. Governed by international bodies 
    5. Detailed and have mechanism by international treaties. 
  12.  main negative of CDHRI: Not binding ,No governing body ,Can't be enforce\
  13.  charter bodies examples
    1. Human rights council 
    2. Special procedures of human rights council 
    3. Human right council complaints procedures 
  14.  treaties body examples:  CEDAW- Human right committee -Committee of economic, social, culture rights CESCR- Committee of rights of child CRC
  15. compare between charter and treaty: 
    1. Charter based in UN charter, treaty based in single treaty. 
    2. Charter for all UN members, treaty for it members only. 
    3. Charter is general and wide, treaty and narrower. 

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