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<<BASIC FIRST AID>> Legal Aspects of Providing First Aid: "Good Samaritan" laws. You are protected from liability as long as: 1. You are reasonably careful. 2. You act in "good faith" (not for a reward). 3. You do not provide care beyond your skill level. If you decide to help an ill or injured person, you must not leave them until someone with equal or more emergency training takes over Consent: A responsible adult must agree to receive first aid care. "Expressed Consent" means the victim gives his or hers permission to receive care. To get consent, first identify yourself. "Implied Consent" means that permission to perform first aid care on an uresponsible victim is asumed. When Caring for Children: Consent must be gained from a parent or legal guardian. If is not available, it's based on implied consent.  When Caring for Older Persons: Consent must be gained from a parent or legal guardian. If is not available, it's based on implied consent. Use common sense: Never attempt skills that exceed ypur training. Don't move a vixtim unless their life is in dange. Call for an ambulance inmediately.<<EMERGENCY ACTION STEPS>> Roles of the First Aid Provider:The basic role of a first aid provider is to recognise a medical emergency and make a decision to help. Your personal safety is your highest initial priority, followed by the safety of the victim. Responsabilities of the Firts Aid Provider: 1. Maintain composture. 2. Maintain personal health and safety. 3. Maintain caring attitude. 4. Maintain up-to-date knowledge and skills.

 5. Without putting yourself in danger, make the victims' needs your main concert. 6. Do not further harm.<<UNIVERSAL FIRST AID PROCEDURES>> Assess the Scene: 1. If it is not safe, or at any time becomes unsafe, GET OUT! 2. Oberserve Universal Precautions. (Use Personal Protective Equipment). 3. If the victim is awake and talking, identify yourself, ask if it's okay to help. 4. If the victim appeas weak, seriously ill or injured, or is unresponsible... Alert EMS: Call 911 or active you Emergency Action Plan. Attend the victim: A-Open Airway=If unresponsible, tilt head (lift chin). B-Check Breathing=Look, listen and feel for at least 5 seconds but no morethan 10. C-Circulation= 1. Look for and control severe bleeding with direct presurre. 2- Monitor issue color and temperature. 3. Help maintain normal body temperature. 4. If tit's available and you are properly trained, give emergency oxigen. Provide Firt Aid Treatment: 1. Suspected Spinal injury-Place your hands on both sides os victims' head to stabilize it. 2. Suspect Limp injury-Place your hands above and below the injury to stabilize it. 3. Consid performing physical assessment.

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