A body is placed in a certain airstream

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FORCE-influence that can deform a body or change its movement,or produce motion in a body at rest

STRENGTHof a material-ability to withstand external forces without breaking
STRESSES-physical demands that a body or object must withstand when one or more external forces are applied to it 
     types: COMPRESSION-caused by forces acting on a body that tend to flatten it or reduce its length or thickness
TENSION-on a body that tend to strech it
BENDING-on an element that make it curve or bend
TORSION-on a body that make it twist 
SHEAR-caused by two equal forces applied in opposite directions.Shear stress will tend to cut the material
ELECTRIC CIRCUIT-series of interconnected components that an electric current flows through to produce an effect
ELECTRIC CURRENT-negatively charged particles moving from one atom to another through a conductive material.-direct current/alternating current
CURRENT-is the amount of electrons flowing through a wire over a certain time.Ampere 
VOLTAGE-difference in the charge between two points which makes the electrons move.Volt
RESISTANCE-opposition to the flow of the electric current.Ohm

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