A body is placed in a certain airstream

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BATON: thin stick used by a conductor to direct a group of musicians or singers

DUMB-BELLS: weights used to strengthen body muscles
DRAWL: way of speaking
HUGGING: holding tightly
TANGLES: knots
MOCKING: laughing unkindly, making fun of
THRUST: pushed
STRODE: walked with long, fast steps
AISLE: passage
SEIZED: took hold of
HAIR-BOWS: ribbons in the girls hair
IN A WAX: in a bad mood
DEFYING THEM: taking no notice
PIERCED: penetrated
SCRATCHED OUT: rubbed out
STALKED: walked purposefully with long steps
STAGGERING: incredible
YIELDS: gives way
DREAR: gloom, sadness
FLEETLY: very quickly
NATTY: smart
CARVED OWL: ornament cut in the shape of an owl
BRACKET: L-shaped wooden or metal structure attached to a wall
CLAWS: the curved feet of a bird of prey
NUISANCE: annoying
WAILED: cried out expressing sorrow
WRIGGLED: twisted quickly from side to side
SPINE: backbone
OSTRICH FEATHER BOA: a large bird that runs very fast but cannot fly
CRIMSON: deep purple
DISENTANGLING: setting free
FLEW OUT: stretched
APOLOGETIC: showing she was sorry
BEAMED: smiled joyfully
DOLEFUL: unhappy

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