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win -The first team to score 25 points by a margin of two points wins the set. the team that wins three sets wins the volleyball
Match. longer -Team captains flip a coin to determine which side will
Serve first.  six players in the court. 
POSITIONS -Three in thefront line and three in the back line. Players must keep their positions before
The other team serves. After the server hits the ball, player can move freely.  Front
Row players can attack the ball from anywhere on the court.  Back row
Players can only attack from behind the three meter line.  
Theserve: A missed serve counts as a fault., 2 types: Underhand and overhand The forearm passUse it to receive a serve or a Low hit ball, Join your hands together The set, is an overhead pass, passes the ball with A high arc to front-line players for them to spike. different Types of sets: to the front, to the side, to the back. The spike is a powerful overhand smash into the opposite court.  Steps toward the net, jumps high in the air, and swings his or her arm Powerfully toward the ball to smash it.  Must be careful not to touch The net. 
To commit a fault means point for the other team
-The ball is held, thrown or pushed. -A team contacts the ball more than three times
Consecutively.  Except when the first contact is a block, in this case the
Team has 4 contacts to pass the ball. -A ball touches a player twice in succession or the ball touches the body twice
In succession. -A player touches the net.-A player attacks the ball within the opponent’s court or steps in an
Opponent’s court.                

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