The body's external barriers to disease

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LOS GEMELOS Y MELLIZOS: twins have originated from the same egg and sperm and then divided into two embryos, which share the same genetic material, and the twins are two eggs and two sperm cells, which are genetically as two brothers but born in the same delivery.LA PUBERTAD: Period of life of the person in which secondary sexual characters are developed and reproducibility is achieved; It is the first phase of adolescence and the transition from childhood to adulthood.UNA ENFERMEDAD CAUSAS: Degenerative disease progressive destruction of tissue .The organs affected gradually deteriorate ,for example,Alzheimer's disease.LA SALUD: it is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being_physical health:means the body systems are working properly. _Mental health:the way a person feels, maintain an emotion and psychological balance in their lives._Social well-being: a state in which basic human needs are met.ENDEMIC: is present in a certain region or population,for example :malaria .EPIDEMIC: is when it spreads rapidly and affects a large number of people at the same time, for example a flu.PANDEMIC: is when it affects a very large geographical area, for example AIDS.VIRUS: are not true living things because they need to be inside the cell of a host to reproduce.BACTERIA: unicellular prokaryotic microorganism are the cause of diseases such as salmonella.FUNGI: multicellular and unicellular eukaryotic microorganisms are the cause of diseases such as athlete's foot.PROTOZOA: unicellular eukaryotic microorganism are the cause of diseases such as malaria. NON-SPECIFIC IMMUNE RESPONSE: is carried out by a specific type of white blood cell called a phagocyte.The response is the same for all pathogens.When pathogens enter the body , the capillaries in the area dilate and blood flow increases.Capillary permeability increases , blood leaves the blood vessels and flow to the injured area causing swelling, the monocytes that have left the blood vessels ,become phagocytes wrap their cellular projections and they ingest and destroy the pathogens. SPECIFIC IMMUNE RESPONSE: lymphocytes recognize antigens entering the body ,there are 2 lymphocytes; _T and B recognize the antigen, link to it ,and are activated,activated T and B cells divide. _Tcells become cytotoxic T cells ,which recognize and destroy cells containing antigens _Bcellls become plasma cells, which produce antibodies that neutralize the antigen.

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