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Bon voyage snor President on life in solitude is chairman q q friend helps you and makes you see life differently, making it stronger and qu wrestler facing his problems. [Presi: pessimistic and depressed, Homer a good man (L) q approached x interest per certainly helps, Lazara: aggressive and suspicious

The holy life Margarito Duarte tells you seeking answers pilgrimage cn miracle daughter who found her daughter represented. [Margarito Duarte: Source Colombian enclosed person himself / Santa: daughter of Margarito, childhood innocence and peace reflects life looking through q has remained intact / Zavattini: cold and despots that leaves only sorrow Margarito

I sell my dreams strange woman recounts life whose nickname was Frau Frida [F. Frida dreamy, q ayduo not grow or economy or spiritual / Author: good and persuasive

I just came on the phone tells tragic life of Maria de la Luz Cervantes, q x misunderstanding of suffering people. [Maria: not known to be comprehended and x incomprehension / Saturnino: q man carried away x comentariosy not believe his wife / Live sanatorium: acts lightly and does not check and says obscultar disease without harming the patient sana. pers / Herculina sound supervisor acts x instinct and do not think damage to healthy pers.

August Espantos history tells dark castle. [Miguel Otero Silva buy the castle terrified (bold)

Maria dos Prazeres: sad woman recounts life in jventud q meaningless life dedicated to x what I end up in old age tner anyone.

Seventeen Poisoned Englishmen: d all life dream was to confess to Pope (Prudence Linero) [Pru: q queria woman achieve her dream no matter how q was expected to be confessed with the pope.

Tramontana tragedy that has happened to young before reaching Tramontana. [Author: observant person / young: x excessive drinking q do not know what.

The Summer of Miss Forbes happy life tells of 2 brothers did not accept rules x q Mrs. Forbes and bring out hate and revenge [Children: hateful and hating / Madam Forbes: Strict

Light is like water traces the innocence of children [Children: innocence and imagination / parents: confident

Track your blood on the snow historical account of marriage that culminated sad without reaching the honeymoon [Billy: A person with little experience, if young / Nena Daconte: q shy person expect much time to communicate their pain.

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