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PNEUMATIC POSITIONER - is the performance of the output signal from a controller on a bellows causing it to expand or retract desflexionando like a reed that will cause obstruction or opening of a nozzle.
Electro Pneumatic Positioners - separates the tire is only by accepting a current signal, typically analog. It is based on an electromotive force caused by an electrical signal that feeds the coil, which has to be balanced by a spring that makes the movement of the rod, the force causes the opening or obstruction.
INTELLIGENT POSITIONER - differs from the electro-pneumatic for the possibility to have different curves for opening and closing a control valve. Allied to this is a digital technology, calibration via keypad or programmer and some with magnetic sensors instead of mechanical links. Functional characteristics and diagnosis: position monitoring, self-calibration, self-tuning, etc..

VOLUME BOOSTERS - used in increasing the speed of operation of a control valve.

BOOSTER PRESSURE - the pressure boosters are usually volume, however its main function is to increase the pressure from the controller.

TRANSDUCERS Electro Pneumatic - These devices convert the electrical signal output of an electronic controller, in signal compatible with the pneumatic actuator pneumatic valve control.

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