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the main character of this book is Emma woodhouse, attractive, clever and wealthy woman. She had lived 21 with out any problems in Hartfield. She was the youngest of two daughters. About her parents, her fathar in generous and affectionate. She remembered little of his mother, having died a long time ago. His sister Isabella is married to Mr John Mightley and her governess, Anne Taylor is married to Mr Weston and moved to Randalls . After Taylor got married, Emma missed her so much. In hartfield, emma could not find anyone like miss taylor. So she decides to form a couple, with that she takes Harriet Smith a girl who doesnt know his parents and emma wants to put higher expectations than Robert Martin, a farmer whose family Harriet spent a vacation. Emma convinces Mr elton as husband of harriet and when robert proposes, emma manipulate harriet to refuse him. Then appears Mr.Knightley that criticises Emma´s behaviour. Later, unexpectedly Mr Elton proposes to emma  and seh reject him. Embarrased, Mr Elton leaves the city and comes later with her fiancee Augusta Hawkins. In those days appears Frank Churchill and Jane Fairfax. Frank and emma gets along very well, and she thinks that she is a little in love with him. They both plan a formal dance but must to be cancelled because Frank has to comeback to Yorkshire. Mrs Elton organise a trip to Box hill where they can pick strawberries and have a picnic but everyone is bad tempered, so finally feels bored. Frank´s aunt dies. And now he has all the inheritance and reveals that he has been engaged to Jane Fairfax. Emma doesnt feels sad because the man she had fallen was Mr Knightley. Finally MrKnightley and Emma get arried with a simple but elegant wwedding

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