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Part I. Colonial period and puritanism: 1. Native americans-indigenous literary traditions ‘The Iroquois Creation Story’. 2. First encounters-Spaniards in the South West: ‘The Pueblo Rebellion’-Hoppi Account by Edmund Nequatewa. 3. Origins of Anglo-American: First Settlments. John Smith The General story of Virginia. 4. Origins of anglo american: puritanism. William Bradford ‘Of Plymouth Plantation’ puritan literature. 5. Women in colonial America-Captivity Narratives: Anne Bradstreet-The Prologue & To my dear and loving husband. Mary Rowlandson-A narrative of Captivity and Restoration of Mrs Mary Rowlandson. 6. Self-writing & indian representation. Gordon Henry-Entries into the Autobiographical.

Part II: Enlightment and Revolution: B. Franklin, Autobiography. St Jean de Crevecover, ‘What is an American’. Thomas Jefferson: The declaration of Independence.

Part III: Early Republic and Establishment of National Literature: James Fenimore Cooper ‘The last of the Mohicans’. Frederick Douglass ‘Narrative of his life’. American Short Story: Washington Irving ‘Rip Van winkle’ & Charles Brockden Brown- The Sonambulist.

Part IV: Romanticism and the American Gothic tradition: Gothic horror—Edgar A. Poe ‘The Raven’ ‘The fall of the House of Husher’. ‘The Purloined Letter’ American detective fiction.

Part V: Transcendentalism: Visions of the land. Thoreau ‘Walden’ Chief Seattle ‘Speech

Transcendentalism- Emerson ‘The American Scholar’ American poetry Whitman ‘Leaves of Grass’. Emily Dickinson poems ‘The Fascicles’

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