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Ever since I first met my admirable friend Miren on holiday camp several years ago, she has been my favourite, irreplaceable companion./ The first thing you notice about her, are her blue eyes, small noise and large sensuous mouth, which make her face very photogenic. At first glance you can also see her long, blond hair, as well as slender body which make her look really amazing. As a rule she enjoys wearing atypical clothes./ The most characteristic thing about Miren is her unprecendent sense of humour.It is rare to cheer everybody up in different situations, yet she always manages to do it. Moreover, she is the life and soul of a party, which makes her extremely sociable. Pointing our her tendency to be incredibly precise and insistance an perfection./ Miren has a very unpredictable lifestyle, for this reason she spends a lot of time exercising. In her space time she goes either to a swiming pool...In the future she would love to do one of ther childhood dreams, namely to become and actress./ To sum up, Miren really deserves admiration due to her ambition and optimism. She shows people how to be a better person. I hope our friendship will never end.

Today there are many types of brands, some cheap and others expensive, and that does not stop being worse of better. The fact of buying brands names has advantages and disadvantages./ One the one hand, branded products helps consumers develop a specific image that contains the qualities and characteristics business owners want consumers to associate with their business and its products. For example: adidas, nike.../ On the other hand, one major disadvantage of branding is the expensive prices. Designing a brand involves significant research, naming development, graphic design and brand identity integration, which aren't cheap./ i'm in favour of buying brand names things, because i like it so much, but it is true that many things are very expensive, and in my case I can not afford to buy them.

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