Brave New World

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Main characters: The director of Foster & Conditioning: He is responsible for explaining what happens in Utopia at the beginning of the book, is in charge of reproduction and speaks about the system they use to make the drink. The son of this character is a wild (John) and the director tries to keep everything secret. Lenina Crown: She is a beautiful, happy and follows the rules. Have sex constantly (this is legal) and wishes to John. The Controller: He is one of 10 men who govern Utopia, is a smart guy who has much power. Bernard Marx: He is a member of the Alpha class (the upper class), but stands out because it's not like the others. Not happy and is somewhat lonely. In the end the run of Utopia.Helmholtz Watson: He is also an alpha. He's good at everything: sex, sports, etc.. It's a smart guy, but so are at the end of Utopia. John (Wild): He is the son of the director. When the director visited the reservation, the girl became pregnant, and had lost to John. John grew wild on the reservation. Despite being a savage knows a lot about Utopia because his mother told him. Linda: She is the mother of John and the pregnant woman director. When he visited the reservation, she fell and was lost. The director returned to Utopia without it. She gave birth to John. At the end dies of an overdose of the drug Soma. Argument: This book is not really a linear plot but rather a bunch of different ideas of what a perfect society could become, according to the author / The principle the book describes theworld in which they live, Utopia. The director of "Parenting and Fitness" talks about the workings of their world. They fertilize the human female eggs and babies grow in bottles. People like birth control and who are the babies. There are five classes of people. The alphas are the upper class. The Epsilon is the lowest class. All babies are regulated by the government which controls what a person should think and how smart it should be. Conditioned infants to live happily and enjoy their work. / The driver speaks about Utopia. He is one of the 10 individuals who govern the world. There are many principles in society. Something important is that leaders do not teach history because people do not want the past to influence people to change the present. Another important principle is that people do not have emotions. They are given a drug called Soma which makes them permanently happy. Finally, love is a crime, but havingsex is good. / Then begins a story. Bernard Marx (the main type) is of the alpha class. He is in love with a girl called Lenina Crown. She works in the area of embryos and is dating a scientist. She has a friend named Fanny who loves persuaded to go out with other men. A Bernard Lenina likes but does not love him. Poor guy. She follows the rule of not loving. Bernard is a bit weird. Its rarity is because it is different from the other alphas. He has a friend named Helmholtz Watson is great for everything but hates his job, is dedicated to writing propaganda. / Bernard takes Lenina to a savage reservation in North America. The director tells them about his trip to the reservation. He tells them that led to a girl (Linda) that disappeared when they were there. Then the director gets upset with Bernard for being a maverick (does not do everything everyone else does.) Bernard and Lenina go to the reservation. Know a savage named John. It turns out that John is the son of the director. Bernard realizes that the woman who took the managerto the reservation became pregnant. Getting pregnant is against the law in utopia so the director does not mention it. She was lost while on the reservation so had to stay and had her baby there. John only heard of Utopia. He likes to read Shakespeare. / Bernard brings John and his mother back to Utopia. The director tries to run to Bernard, but when he introduces them to the pregnant woman the director and his son, everyone laughs the director. Utopia People curious about the wild (John.) Your Mom (Linda) falls into a coma. John takes in different places but not like Utopia. / They all think that Lenina has relationships with John the savage. It is not true. Although John is in love with Lenina is a romantic and do not want to have sex so soon. She wants him so terribly goes home and strips. He throws it and called a prostitute. / John discovers that his mother is sick. Go to the hospital and is sad. A major types of Utopia dislike showing their emotions because they teach everyone to be happy and that death is an eventhappy. John, Bernard and her friend Bernard, Helmholtz, are arrested. The controller tells them the truth about Utopia. A Bernard is exiled in Iceland (between the U.S. and England), A Helmholtz soon sent to the Falkland Islands (South America), and John is left in England. He condemned to live a life of solitude. Utopia People want to kill. Lenina and John joins them commits suicide. Something more: This novel presents the conflict between freedom and security. The inhabitants of Utopia have friends and a sense of security but can not think for themselves or experiencing emotions. / This book was written in 1931. Imagine writing about genetic engineering Huxley few years before the Holocaust. / What is the relationship between pleasure and responsibility? In this perfect world, people have no sense of responsibility whatsoever. Vivian carelessly using drugs and having sex. / In English, the novel is calledBrave New World. This title can have many meanings. Think of the irony that this "New World" is considered a "Courageous World". With a forced safety, where nothing can go wrong, can you really the courage to play a role? Would it be more courageous to live free and not know beforehand the result of things? / Without emotions, How real is a given situation or experience? / Compare Utopia to the savage reservation and is there somewhere, a place safe and clean way of life without the strict rules and control of Utopia?.

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