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SUBJECT OF BOOK: The idea that the author describes throughout the novel is during a family saga from its beginnings with its little secrets until the final status to be their own destruction caused for a period of decline.
The first part is the presentation of characters, their origins as Teresa Goday Valldaura along with their secrets and her husband, that she only shares with the reader. The secrets that speak of the child is unknown to the first husband of Mrs. Teresa Nicholas, and in general for gent.Aquest first husband is one of the first that jumps to pass Teresa will be a middle class, a low high and wealthy. The secret Valldaura be a stronger love, passion and ending with the suicide of his beloved, which the mark during his lifetime. The character to be born and grow in this first part will be Sofia, daughter of Teresa and Savior. Sofia knows Eladi and shortly before marrying? Is his father dies, her respect for the death of his father made two years of mourning including Eladi have a lover with the good will that afternoon and have a daughter, Mary. Sofia to take Mary and gave birth to two older, and Raymond James. The writer also during the first act, we will describe the environments and the main stage where they will transfer the novel, the tower of St. Gervasi.La second part the author will focus mainly on the psychological character of characters, their intimacies. The relationship between Sofia il 'Eladi not work, use the Sofia' Eladi how often and when it suits the estante have fun with the maids. Maria and Ramon will always close together as brothers, but will be in a relationship that seems to imply that there is something more, just at an inopportune time James appeared small, making it all chat in the aparció this inopportune moment Ramon and Maria decide to play him in a rather evil, there is an abused and an accident (falls into the water) that inadvertently comes to death the child. Maria and Ramon grow and go on summer vacation with some friends, Miss Rose and her maid will be despatched as revenge for all that you have made will explain to your children that their father relationship is not nor has ever been brothers if not something more, to know the truth Ramon went home and Mary is suicidal. Eladi desperate for the death of his beloved daughter dies of old age and sorrow. Teresa will be overridden in the legs and will die living, just live records.La the third during the second decline since there is a small foot that will be the final outcome since the destruction of home and family to complete, dies Teresa. The outbreak of war will be a very influential big house subject to the power of the military, Armanda raslladada will live in a flat in Sofia and will be forced to travel abroad, especially Paris, but at the end of novel will be a reunion of the three main characters accidentally rating Armanda Ramon and Sofia, the only ones to survive.
Therefore the aim of the work is to reflect the story of a family. And to do it as a broken mirror, reflecting only snippets of life. Each character will give only a partial view of the facts. The reconstruction of events is what allows us to access the full information of the family. RESLATAR interesting aspects to
2.1.? Explain how this work is structured. Explain what happens to each party.
It is structured in three parts, the chapters that comprise the three parts are organized into groups of three, which gives the chance that the parties are multiples of three. The first part has eighteen chapters in this first part is the family, and Teresa Salvador Valldaura Goday marry and have a daughter Sofia buy something to live where the action will run. Sophia married and has two children and an adopted daughter of her husband's mistress. The second part is divided into twenty "and" a chapter, the little death in Sofia, Teresa became paralyzed in the legs, is suicidal and died Eladi Mary (husband of Sofia). The third died Teresa Sofia march abroad and the house was destroyed.
2.2.? Would you be able to capture the psychology of the main female characters. Theresa, Sophia, Maria and Armando? You must specify the evolution of this change in attitudes j four characters. Ajuda't examples of llibre.Teresa: It's a character that we see evolve throughout the novel (it could be considered as the representative of the adult world), it begins as an upper-class character, carrying a double life as a child now. He likes being the center of attention at all sites (especially as I was young). As they realized that it really is not the lady who lost her legs before and was no longer evolve more. Teresa is dead in life, and memories will live, where we affirm that humble origin. It is a vital and sophisticated character. Also evolve physically <<It was splendid, with the wasp waist ... <Valldaura pestanyesllargues and assume the curved, abundant brown hair (p.48)>> herself as <<I would have liked to play? Is the belly fat that he had good things to eat (p. 231)>> <<had aged so lax. All hung: the cheeks, the sotabarba the meat under the arms ... (p.232). Sofia: Sofia is a character that will survive the end of the destruction of family, a person is able to move on, but not forgotten, is a very spoiled girl by her father, her mother is not esteem as she expects. It is a humble person like her mother because she is already upper class and a concept that will be very present. It is a very possessive of their things. She describes how a person's heart dry, not let their feelings or emotions of proficient. It is a smart character <will soon Mama, Mama with porcelain face and lips wet, leaving a tail of smell ... (p.116)>>. The character also ages from Sofia, but in a different way to Theresa, this character live in this day and prevent its aging creams is surrounded by <Sofia were getting too old but in a different way . As the mummies, the skin will be arrapava bones. He had lived and lived surrounded by burning (p. 232)>>. Maria: Maria, a character with the same sources that Teresa (could be considered as the representative of the children's world). A girl is the daughter of a loving husband of Sofia. A young life, cruel as his brother (Ramon) is as small and marked by two things: the death of his brother (James) and his mother (Sophia) she wants to imitate a mother at all. Mary is a very pretty girl, with long brown hair, with lips and a profiled nasset like his mother (Lady Godiva). As children she and Ramon had a child as soon as adults. Mary brought forth life to know that your love is actually his brother because they think they are not relatives. It will be a death of love, die nailed to a laurel tree, which symbolizes death and in his memory his father will have a slab and placed under the bay which will be able to live eternally as a ghost.
Armanda Armanda's character is a main character completely, the author lets you inside the building with the feeling that right now that is a servant. This will be the maid who knows all the secrets of the family, which bind heads about breaking the mirror and protecting his home until the end. L 'Armanda is madly in love with Eladi, maintain relations with him, with the consent of his wife but once it starts to age Armanda be abandoned. It is a simple woman who has nothing more than his work in the house and the house. Work as a cook until the end of time will be the new wife of the keys. It will be the maid of Teresa which will become more kind to his side and are taking care of it <<L 'Armanda had become more coarse, naive, she exhaled all goodness, he ought to have entrusted his mother (Teresa) of such use? the (p. 235)>> .2.3.? What does the title of the piece broken mirror? Busca'n examples. Throughout the play the characters suffer a series of things that this component will slowly mirror the break? The mirror is a portent of destruction of the family. The mirror will be broken at the character key Armanda's novel, will come as a maid but the maid only to persist in the home, the maid who best know the secrets of the family, and the break? The mirror is about the little secrets of the family seems to remain bound and determined to l 'Armanda. A broken mirror is also a symbol of bad luck from the moment he breaks the mirror, things get worse at times, will be the beginning of Destruction final.2.4.? Make a list of the most interesting aspects of symbolic rating work. Relaciona'ls with the characters symbolize. Broken Mirror is a play full of symbolism. To start off we go on inside. The first is that we abandoned tower, the tower of Sant Gervasi, a tower that takes a character as we see the personification of an abandoned house that will be the beginning of a whole house full explandor during childhood and a house in Sofia who will route to decline from that time until James died in his own destruction. The garden of this magnificent tower will be divided into two parts the world of children without care for a wild garden with a pond with stagnant water sign of death and evil omen where James and die in a laurel damaged by a terrible storm beginning of the novel where Mary will die because it is driven suïcidarà, laurel can also get a symbol of immortality (even though the lightning damage will not die) it will be like a ghost immortal who dwell in that Garden, and No part wild, very airbrushed bogs where a large variety of flowers the only place where adults leave the garden, his world is the main tower. Merce Rodoreda has an excellent record in terms of flowers was small, a detail that will be reflected in his work as in this case. The author makes a parallel characters with flowers or plants, Teresa its flower the rose-colored flesh is a sign of humanity, the blond red is a sign of passion flower that accompany Attorney Riera, passion secret of his love ... Barbara Violets of a dark color will be a sign of death not only simbolitzarà but also the relationship between Barbara and Valldaura a flower that mark until his death as Barbara suïcidarà pulling? To a river ( Return the water to appear next to death and that water is also a symbolic aspect of death, as rain Mary James tobacconist shaped in the form of current motion Barbara). The relationship can be symbolized with the Cherry Blossoms is the first of Teresa, to help you access the world of haute bourgeoisie.The relationship between Teresa and Valldaura be symbolized by the apple blossom but will not notice much but will result in a tree with bark very tough and able to do as many of them do not need to ever have access to your dry heart, as do Sofia. Other things a symbolic pearl gray, making a gift to their fans Teresa, the origin of the pearl is very Finet, that a bit guarded and protected by a shell that he was slowly giving way as their husbands or lovers, and eventually becomes a precious jewel, and the symbol par excellence of the mirror, mirror entire life with a history of unexplained things but when it breaks down how much you reveal the secrets of family saga, with the small taranyina it all looks, feels that Mary sees a bad omen, is a short notice of the death of Barbara died before we look in the mirror and makes the cover, a warning of danger like that is the war in exile. There will be two animals, a bird the turtledove is announcing a death in the Valldaura and of James and a rat that will be the last appearance symbolic use Rodoreda to close his mirror broken, a rat and that this is not really seeing how everything is destroyed, everything is burning, will be completed for fulfilled nissaga.2.5. Why can say that this is a novel closed end. ? What symbolizes the rat that appears in chapter XIII of the third party? Put examples. We can say that it is a work with only one end is a family saga that ends with destruction. Chaired by three generations of women who form a tight circle, Teresa, Sofia and Maria. Teresa and a mature character that is evolutionary in its maturity, and that people prefer to remove remembered as the era that is not as great, Sofia evolutionary another character over the years not evolve so will prevent and Mary to the end of the world of children represented a very suggestive and symbolic in the novel that die young and pure to completely destroyed the family saga in the last chapter of the figure symbolic of the end of the rat 'This family saga, which remained in the absolute destruction and death.

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