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Legend of broken mirror
Broken Mirror is a work full of symbols. Most of them refer to the passage of time and the decline of the family, as well as death or youth.
A clear example is found in the tower: it behaves as if it were a living being is born, grows and dies as the characters. It is the symbol of time passing and life of adults, unlike the garden, representing the lives of children.
This garden is situated in the tower then, youth, childhood lived in the tower.
In this garden there is a laurel, which symbolizes death, as that is where lightning falls and where Mary, representative par excellence of the child, commits suicide.
Also we can find a garden pond filled with water that also symbolizes death because it is where James died drowned. Indeed water is already a symbol of death at work also are in the strange disease Ramon.
Apart from the tower and its surroundings there are other symbols, but some smaller physically more relevant.
The Japanese cabinet on Nicholas is a piece of furniture we see again and again when they see a moth and old furniture. Represents the time that everything is damaged.
In the same vein we also have the mirror, which makes the life of the witness involved and reflects the dispenser and the decline of the family. But not only symbolizes the passage of time but is a kind of metaphor, because during the play the characters give their personal vision of a series of events past, his life, his loves, the dead, etc.. These visions form a whole that is fragmented, as the mirror in the different characters. It also symbolizes the death of family break begins when the civil war, because that s'esmicola between exile, war and other events.
Other symbols of death are the pearl of the turtledove or tie that is detached and that the Theresa takes on El Salvador.
The flowers also have a broken mirror in symbolism. Barbara leads the Violets symbolize the death of romantic character, doomed to disaster from the beginning. But the flowers represent more than a fact, a character in the novel or a relationship between two characters. For example the cherry blossom represents the pair Teresa Amadeu Riera, and the apple, Teresa and Salvador. Barbara of violets also represent a marital union between herself and Salvador.
The pink flesh, we referring to Teresa and red, the Attorney Riera.
And the final symbol of the decline of the family and the end of all things found in the last chapter of the rat. This provides an objective view of the end of the tower and the burning memories like the furniture and other objects taken from the tower. The presence of rats at the end of the tower and the end is found dead in the trunk of a tree. It symbolizes the end of everything: family, tower, memories, etc..
Merce Rodoreda was born in Barcelona in the district of Sant Gervasi, 10 October 1908 and died in 1983 in Girona. • began a career working to help the most prestigious newspapers and magazines of those years with the publication of novels • the like: I am an honest woman (1932), from whom one can not escape (1934). The economic stability that comes with the job gets Armand Obiols 1954 as a translator at the United Nations agency in Geneva, and this leads to Merce Rodoreda entering a period of enormous creativity: the collected stories that had dispersed in various journals from exile, there to add new and broken the silence of twenty years with twenty-two stories (1958), would get the prize Victor Catalan 1957, and that the spurs to writing, almost simultaneously, novels Garden by the sea, La Plaza del Diamante and death and Spring. In 1961, the death and sends the call to Spring of the same award and is also eliminated. The publication of La Plaza del Diamante (1962). Then come My Christina and other stories (1967), Garden by the sea (1967) and the second version of Aloma (1969). At the end Romanyà Broken Mirror (1974), considered by many the most solid of their production.
Suffering from cancer, said in a very short time, died at a hospital in Gerona, 13 April 1983 and was buried in Forest Romanyà.

Broken Mirror
is a novel divided into three parts, which narrates the beginning and end of a family, Valldaura-Farriols, representing a time and a particular country.
The first part consists of eighteen chapters, has a role both in terms of presentation as the characters with regard to the stage, so the narration of events there are predominant. We present the founders of the family, Teresa and Salvador Goday Valldaura characters belonging to a bourgeois world. Start with a mess by Teresa in the matter of its sale of a needle to help his old family, of which her husband, Nicholas, knows nothing.
Teresa dies and this marries Valldaura Salvador, which had a relationship with a violinist who committed suicide. Salvador purchase a house in Sant Gervasi with a huge garden and have a daughter, Sofia.
The Valldaura have an estate in Villefranche and Teresa Salvador do not want to sell to a family friend, Joaquin Berguedà.
Time passes. Salvador dies and Sofia grows up and marries Eladi Farriols that it has a daughter from another relationship, but the couple adopted the girl like her. They grow together with the couple's sons, Ramon and James at the turn of her governess, Rose.
The second part, divided into twenty-one chapters, it explains both the facts and external focuses more on the intimacy of the characters.
Ena this part of the relationship Eladi and Sofia is disastrous: he has relations with the maids and has aged pretty.
Eladi is deceived by the Rose, which is weakened by poor relationship with the marriage of Ramon and Maria. Then to find the beach where estiuegen but a review of his life and back again. Decides that when they return to tell the truth: they are brothers. Both are sunk his life.
Maria commits suicide by throwing themselves over the bay, fed up with so many pressures.
The last part of thirteen chapters continue with the description of the family history. Teresa is the main character dies and accompanied by the most beloved memories. War breaks out and the family must travel to Paris. The evolution of history is reflected also in the tower where they live, which behaves like a living being that age and the end is demolished to build apartment blocks around.
The central theme of the play is death, treated symbolically. It is also the story of a period of Catalonia, and wealthy bourgeois broken by the Civil War. Time is not linear but always revolves around time. As for the characters to say that two constants remain: the loneliness of human existence.
The secret revealed and family tragedy
Eladi'd had a relationship with a cupletista called Pilar. This relationship was born a daughter called Mary. When married to Sofia have two children one of whom died, and surviving, Ramon, reaches beyond mere friendship with Maria.
The governess Rose decides to take revenge of those who are subjected to abuse Maria and Ramon making revelations about the woman she Eladi for certain. Then he goes to find the boys to the beach where they spend the holidays but halfway they withdraw and go home. Decides that already tell they are brothers when they return.
When children know the truth, his world collapses: Ramon destroys toys to break with its past. Meanwhile, Mary decides to commit suicide by throwing himself from the debacle at bay roof.
Sofia tries to forget the episode of Mary and Eladi takes refuge in the library reading books on Proust, which is a book with confessions Valldaura.
Dies mysteriously and Armanda Masdeu talk about Jesus and his death and the family history.
We can say that the awakening of the secret that Mary and Raymond brothers were the triggering of family tragedy, because the revelation from beginning to pass a series of events that lead to the decline in family and perdition.
On the other hand is the strength of Sofia in wanting to break away from the remembrance of Eladi and Mary and the desire to continue with his quiet life.

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