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0=pre+pre8siempre verdadera)  1=pre+fut(real o posible)   2=If I had money I would buy a car(hipotetica)    3=(si hubiese, habria)(hipotetica del pasado)If I had gone slower I wouldn´t have crashed so bad my car

CAUS: suj+mak/de, +perso u objeto+vb pre The boss made the workers do their best effort 2:suj+have had+pers+vb John had me print the report  3:suj+get got+pers+vb infi  i got my cat to exercise more/we'll get the paintings hung by a professional.   Should(conse) ought to (conse) must(obli prohibi) neednt(no tienesxq) may might(posibility)  microchip, calculate, project, laser beam, stores, reflects, reflection, microscopic, advanced, record, tansmit, filter vision, represent, preserve, include, imagine, wonder, portray,identify, make sense of, sign, hide. Masterpieces, realistic, abstract, exhibition, sketches, portraits, landscapes, talented, creative, drawing, sculpture, oil, watercolour, charcoal(carbon), ink(tinta), clay(arcilla), tree-dimensional, shiny, simple, flat, cheerful(alegre), complex, curved, rogh(aspero) smooth(suave), lovely, traditional

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