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1) The aim of this report is to explore the ways in whichour local music fesival could be improved.

    The site of the festival is the perfect size for the 5,000 or so festival goers that attend each year. However, site acces is difficult, due to the lak of public transport. This mean that with no cars have to go to the festival by taxi, which adds an extra cost to their weekend.
    Although there are between ten and fifteen food stalls on the site, they all serve the same cold sandwiches and rolls. As a result, we recieve a nunmber of  complaints limited choice of food each year.
    In concussion, I would like to suggest several improvements. Firstly, I recommend that we provide buses to transport visitors. I think that we should include the price of the bus in the entrance ticket. Secndly, I suggest that we extend the choice of food available. For instance, we could sell pizzas and hamburguers,as we as sandwiches.

1.1 expain the aim of your report 1.2  addiion and contrast 1.3 make some recommensations 1.4give examples to suppor your ideas

2) Some adults think they should dress like teenagers because it makes them look cool. However, clothes are designer with

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