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I only slept five Horus last night - How many hours did you sleep last night?

Had I gone to be Early last night – I wouldn´t have been sleepy

(act) Teenagers Should be warned against lack of sleep – Should warn teenagers against lack Of sleep.

(pas/caus) The Mechanic is repairing my car- My car is being repaired by someone/I´m Having my car repaired (by the Mechanic)

(pas) People think Englis is difficult to learn- English is thought to be difficult to learn.

(Rep) “Don´t Forget to clean your room before you go out” Pete said to his brother

Pete reminded his brother not to forget to clean his room Beforehe went out

(RS) How much Coffe did you drink yesterday? She asked Peter.

She asked Peter how much coffee he haddrunk the day Before

(Dir S) He Explained that they had to send that report that evening because the needed it.

“We have to send this report this evening because the Need it” he exclaimed

(RS) “You should Get some sleep before the exam” the teacher told the estudents

The teacher advised the students to get some sleep before The examn

(C) He drinks too Much coffe, that´s why he can´t sleep at night

If he didn´t drink too much coffee, he would sleep at Night

I had a cup of Coffee bedtime and i didnñt sleep a wink - I wish a cup of coffee.

(M) I´m sure that She is tired after spending the whole night studying

She must be tired after spending the whole night studying

(M) It wasnñt a Good idea not to attend class yesterday

You should have atended class

(tor) Mark could´t Sleep at all last night the fact that he managed to pass the exam

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