Buero Vallejo and social drama

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The theater of the '50s
Antonio Buero Vallejo is the most prominent playwright of social theater.
Theater seeks buero-story staircase from first performed in 1949 - that the viewer without delusions aware of the tragic condition of man, thrown into a life led by the pain i uncertainty.
His works also support a reading social cues. They perform a critical analysis of the Spanish reality of the EPCA, marked by poverty, ignorance, corruption and lack of moral freedom. some drama strategies used by the author are:
a) The use of historical characters, who fail in their attempt to make society more just and free-to reflect on this: Esquilache in a dream of a people; goya the sleep of reason Larra in firing, or velazequez in meninas.
b) The effects of immersion, which puts the viewer in the minds of the characters. Thus, in the concert of St. Ovid and in the fiery darkness by blind prtagonizadas the scene trachea, at times dark and in the dream of reason viewers as the star, not hear what other characters say .

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