Burden of proof

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THE BURDEN OF PROOF: in criminal proceedings must be the prosecution or the judge himself Qienes x through evidence establishes the guilt of the accused and not the accused to prove his inocencia.Este drcho Incorporated Art.24 EC x is the presumption of innocence q no q may be sentenced without trial has been full of culpabilidad.Para end the presumption of innocence must be a series of test reqisitos :1-charge enough: This test will incriminating and accusatory character on the accused in partcipacion offenses and give x through: a) direct evidence of stas-one trial ended with the pre-sumption of innocence, ere are of great weight and will match completely the proven fact and the fact is judged delito.b qe) circumstantial evidence "when there is no direct proof, look aqe-llas circumstantial, q qe latest matches directly would be totally not match the proven fact and the fact q is judged as a crime but will be related both in a consistent manner. It may begin a criminal prosecution based on circumstantial evidence provided q: "The basic facts are fully demostrados_q are several indicios_q between the index and the fact there is relationship-qe the judge explain the reasons x los q guilt has drawn to indiciarios.2 from facts Practical Test CN TDAS Warranty:-immediateness, x the q tests were practiced before the judge or court qe ste way of having direct contact with them-contradiction: the defense may discuss the evidence during the trial.

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