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Maslow slide 16 to 22

Maslow stated what motivate people to achieve a need, when they achieve this need they go to the next one, and so on.

1. Physiological needs: 
It's physical needs for human survival 
It's the most important needs 
For example: food, water, sleep

2. Safety needs: 
It need to be satisfied after physical needs 
For example: security of self, of employment, of health.

3. Love and belonging 
This need is stronger in childhood and can be stronger that safety
Needs of having friends and family 
And acceptance in social groups

4. Esteem: 
Everyone need to feel respected 
So people do good things to to have achievement to gain the respect by others

5. Self actualization:
The desire to reach your target, what u can be, u must be.

2- Slide 38 to 41 motivation and segmentation 
Segmentation means dividing customers who have common needs, and then designing strategies to target them
1. Segmentation by purpose of travel:
Business, holiday, visiting friends
2. Psychographic segmentation 
This based on lifestyle, for example who travel looking for adventures, history, shopping!
3. Behaviorist segmentation 
Looks for consumer behavior like their loyalty for products, or value for money
Or how often they purchase.

Ch 5 
Slide 3 to 6 
Determining of tourism supply

1. The public sector 
The public sector provides services and facilities and infrastructure 
And manage them for the local and services 
Responsible for economic, planning, transport, events and operating facilities

2.The private sector: 
They work for profit 
Th small business control the tourism sector 
Global companies work in tourist worldwide

3. The voluntary, non profit sector 
They don't look for profit 
They try to save the national historical assets and state resources

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