Could you buy some eggs?

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direct speech reporter speech - direct reporter
present simple         past simple -here there
I laugh I laughed -this that
present continuous  past continuous - these those
I am laughing I was laughing - now then
past simple     past perfect simple - next week the following week
I laughed I had laughed - today that day
present perfect simple past perfect simple - tonight that nigth
I have laughed I had laughed - tomorrow the next day
will would - yesterday the day before
I will laugh I would laugh - last week the week before
can               could -
I can laugh I could laugh -
must              had to -
I must laugh I had to laugh -
"Where do Susan and Ann work? "
He asked me where Susan and Ann worked.
"Go to bed!" Don't go to bed!"

He told me to go to bed He told me not to go to bed.

"Could you buy some eggs?" She asked me to buy some eggs

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