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In The Knight of Olmedo displayed several male characters: Don Alonso, Don Rodrigo, Don Fernando, Don Pedro Tello, King Don Juan, the constable, the servant Mendo and a labrador. But I found that the male characters who really are influential in the argument of the book are three: Don Alonso, Don Rodrigo and Tello.

  • Don Alonso, or "El Caballero de Olmedo", is the main character of the work. This character comes to Medina, where he falls for Dona Ines. The author shows this character as a handsome, charming, polite, yet brave and very courageous.
  • Don Rodrigo is the promised Dona Ines, say it is the knight of Olmedo antagonist. In this case, the author shows Don Rodrigo as a cowardly person, which does not face that betrays his close.
  • Tello, is the servant of Don Alonso, and acts as an accomplice of his relationship with Doña Inés.
  • Doña Inés Her character corresponds to the lady. It is beautiful and noble. It is the love, falls in love at first sight Alonso. It is under the authority of the father but he saying he wants to become a nun. She is the center of the conflict and falls in love with Alonso.
  • Remember the prototype Fabia Celestina, pimp, selling cosmetics, ... Alonso goes to her because she is in a place that is a stranger, just want to act as a messenger. It is not clear if you use your witchcraft to fall in love with Inés Alonso, it seems that Agnes already had noticed him. The book speaks several times of his powers. Agnes goes home without revealing their true intent, and which at first speaks of his late mother and father, then tells them the products they have and finally she tells Don Alonso Inés sucks.'s Fabia who makes sing the ballad for Don Alonso Olmedo will not be as it believes have a premonition, but this ignores the romance and perishes killed, fulfilling the premonition of the elderly.
  • Leonor is the sister of Agnes, his confidant and concealing his relationship with Alonso. Is a character on which Lope little deeper. We are not detailing her love for Fernando, and his sentence when he is sentenced to death. Help your sister in front of his father but notapproved as Dona Ines is trying her affair with Don Alonso.

Summary of Act

  • In this first act, whether the encounter between Doña Inés and Don Alonso Medina, who is passionately in love with Doña Inés. To get in touch with Doña Inés, Don Alonso uses Fabia, an old bawd.
  • Don Rodrigo is also intended to Agnes, and try to disturb the idyll that keep Dona Ines and Don Alonso. First, one suspects that Don Rodrigo Don Alonso is in love with Doña Inés, but as it advances the action of the play, Don Rodrigo is confirmed and realizes it.
  • From here, Doña Inés's father is upset because he has promised his daughter to Don Rodrigo, who seems an ungrateful man and inappropriate for her daughter.

Summary of the second act

To circumvent the problems arising in the first act, Doña Inés pretends he wants to be a nun. Taking advantage of the situation, Tello and Fabia are introduced into the house and pretended teachers. For this plan says to his father who Fabia will teach you how to behave as a nun and Tello, the servant of Don Alonso, their teacher to learn Latin. Thus act as intermediaries between Agnes and Don Alonso, since the real plans are to escape with Inés Alonso. This event also occurs on King John II as he heads to Medina. Taking advantage of his stay in the city to grant to Don Alonso, who is knowledgeable of his fame, a habit of a gentleman. Rodrigo is increasingly jealous of Alonso.

This act is funny, as the first. Much happier than the last, tragic character. However, in the first two acts appear as harbingers of fatal outcome. At the end of the second act there is a premonitory dream the death of the bird. This second act explains the crux of the story.

Summary of the third act

In the latter event we will witness the denouement Olmedo Alonso departs after demonstrating its value in the holidays with the bulls and Rodrigo have humiliated their successes against the failures of others, in the presence of kings. Tello Medina remains in an attempt, through deception and flattery, Fabia remove part of the pay receivedfor making bawd. This allows the humiliated and jealous Rodrigo, his friend Fernando and his servants, to attack by surprise and betrayal of Alonso on the road to Olmedo. They kill and flee. Tello comes too late. Like the beginning of the work, romance is heard recounting his death: That night, killed the knight / the glory of Medina, the flower of Olmedo.

Meanwhile, Reyes and other nobles Alonso praise for his courage, and Ines tells her father that she has agreed to marry him. The father agreed, even while Rodrigo and Fernando Tello are frightened and comes to tell the tale. The two accomplices were sentenced to death and Ines will end his days as a real nun, becoming what some once said, lying.

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