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O. Coracoid
In.: Mid of the humerus, well below the tuberosity.
Action: shoulder flexion and helps keep the shoulder in place (Fixer).

O: anterior distal humerus Half
In: ulnar tuberosity
Action: Powerful triceps elbow flexor

O 1 º: (Long): Beneath the glenoid of the scapula
O 2 º: (Medial) Part dorsal and proximal humerus, under the greater tuberosity
O 3 º: (Side) central dorsal part of the humerus
I: Back of the olecranon
Action: Joint -> elbow extensors. Portion long -> shoulder adduction.

Pectoralis Major
- O.1 °: inner half of the clavicle
- O.2 º: Sternum and rib cartilage of 2nd to 6th.
- O.3 º: Leaf anterior rectus abdominis sheath
In.: Zona proximal and anterior humeral rod.
Action: Flexion horizontal hombro.También produces slight internal rotation.

Latissimus dorsi
O.: In the ribs 10 to 12, in the spines of the vertebrae D7 to D12, in common lumbosacral fascia, and the posterior third of the iliac crest.
In.: A little below the tuberosity.
Action: climber par excellence.

Biceps brachii
O1 No.: (long) -> channel passes through the channel and enters the bicipital fossa.
O 2 º: (short) Coracoid
I1 th: radial tuberosity
I2 ª: tuberosity of ulna
Action: On the elbow is flexor (and supinator when rolling) on the shoulder shoulder flexiór

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