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Lope de Vega: Biography: Felix Lope de Vega Carpio (1562-1635)-Born in Madrid and young talent shows since the age of 52 decides literario.A priest. Work Drama: Lope de Vega is devoted to the theater as one of the great figures of Spanish literature and universal.
It is considered the creator of the national theater of the seventeenth century and most prolific author of all our literature.
Comedies, Histories and legends Fuenteovejuna Spanish-El caballero de Olmedo. Comedies of Foreign Affairs
The Grand Duke of Muscovy punishment without vengeance. Sitcoms and swashbuckling El perro del Hortelano, La dama boba. Characteristics of the theater: Topics and Issues: In most of his comedies love themes such as honor. In Lope's comedies there is a defense to the crown and aristocratic society supported by a rural community. Dramatic Action: Break the Aristotelian rule of the three units and divided the work into three days. Lope's works are noted for their great dynamism and liveliness of the action. Language and verification: Use the polymetrical: the use of different lines to reflect changes in popular language is escena.Su and close to the spectators but at times you can use a more elaborate languagePopularity: Better than any other playwright of his time with his comedies known to be important is the fact pueblo.Un introduction is its lyrical compositions comedies tradicional.La source inclusion of these lyrical compositions is one of the keys to its success. The Poetic Works: Lope de Vega is also a great poet and great poetic creation narrador.La Lope de Vega is dense and varied both in the case which is the type of meter you use and the poetic genre with which most beautiful escribe.Lo his poetry is what inspired the lyrics of these short poems popular.Muchos those included in his comedies. Romances: The first romance that Lope wrote dealing with the loves of her years later mozos.Los romances are of great beauty and formal perfection poética.El religious theme occupies part of his romances.Cultured Lyric Poetry: Lope soneto.La demonstrates his mastery of the first collection of sonnets is published in his rhymes rhymes humanas.En includes some sacred religious sonnets most beautiful of all our lírico.Muchos of the sonnets that appear in human rhymes are of a two eclogues humorístico.Sus major autobiographical covering issues which are identified with a pastor. Epic Poetry: Lope Tams range of addresses from the historical to the no or re Velasco (the Gatomaquia Isidro) Although narrative work reputation so as to theater and poetry Lope de Vega also the novel crop. narrative work. In the pastoral Arcadia of Byzantine type in their homeland's PilgrimShort Novels of Cervantes Novelas style Marcia Leonarda prose dialogue Obra La Dorotea

3. Tirso de Molina. Biography Gabriel Tellez (1583 or 1584-1648) was born in Madrid. Enter the young merced.Su order of life runs through several cities in Spain. Plays of Tirso de MolinaWorks under Don Gil of the Green Construction hose over the convicted distrustful The Seducer of Seville. Characteristics of his plays: Characters: Considered to Tirso de Molina as the greatest creator of characters in classical theater español.Sus characters are drawn with energy profiles within their close humanidad.Los tirso characters Lope outweigh the truly human and psychological depth Technical Perfection: Tirso de Molina also shows his mastery of language arts and verse and axial as his knowledge of dramatic structure and stage dynamism.The Seducer of Seville: Argument: The Trickster of Seville Don Juan Tenorio after seducing other women. Dona Ana Trick kills his father and the commander whose sepulchral statue invites cenar.El commander returns the invitación.Don John come to appointments and to shake hands with the statue is dragged into hell.

Real issues: Warnings: Don Juan responds to the warnings lar way off Deception: Is integral to the play because it is inseparable from Don Juan and the Trickster will be deceived by the statue of the Commendatore.Promises: Don Juan swears to be her husband and Isabella to Tisbea Aminta symbolic themes: Fire: The fire of love in the mouths of various amantes.El fire of passion and the lament of being burned Tisbea.El symbolic justice Divine Night: Highlights of the trickster love and death occur at night. Seducer of Seville Characters of The Trickster characters are: Don Juan: It is present in all the work and none of the other characters and none of the other characters is defined to serve as contrapunto.Don John not only presents a character is facing the entire society to which burla.Son four women Don Juan circumvented by two nobles and two commoners.Catalinon: The servant who accompanies Don Juan who has features of particular relevance to the plot coma for the characterization of its amo.A sometimes collaborates with Don Juan but others warned him announces his conduct reflects castigo.Siempre drama with its wordplay. Don Gonzalo: Don Juan He faces once this has been killed thus symbolically ends the earthly powers Tenorio and must be punished by the grave.

Calderon de la Barca Biography: Pedro Calderon de la Barca (1600-1681) was born in Madrid.Estudia at the universities of Alcala and Salamanca.En these universities began to acquire training Playwright teológica.Felipe IV appointed him official orders corte.Se priest at age 51.
Drama Play Calderon de la Barca's dramatic production of Calderon de la Barca over 100 Obras, this number must be added the auto sacramental and mythological and religious dramas.
"In stories and legends of Spanish-Mayor Zalamera
tangle-swashbuckling-La dama duende.
-Case Life Is a Dream philosophical
"In honor and jealous of his honor El Medico
Mythological or religious-affairs-Andromeda and Perseus
Autos Sacramentales-the Gran Teatro del Mundo
"Songs of the fault
Sacramental cars Calderon de la Barca wrote over 60 mystery plays and he does as a poet and playwright, not as a theologian.
Serra Auto whom dowry to its final form was also printed more religious and theological cast.
Characteristics of Comedy
Structure: In comparison with those of Lope's works often have a construction blackfish more reflective and deeper and a more accomplished.
Intellectual background: His comedies also have a greater intellectual depth ideológico.hasta the point that sometimes the dominant idea about the facts.
Language and Verification: The dramatic language of Calderon is more elaborate and baroque than Lope.Y verification is always rich and expressive
Characters. Calderonian The theater is distinguished by the strength of their personajes.Algunos of them buy a real universal value for representing the determination and human character. Calderonian theater value Calderon works are endowed with a perfect dramatic power and a profound sense moral.
In most of them have room three of the most important sentiments of the seventeenth century Spain:
The priest, the monarchist, and the honor of knowing blackfish to stage better than any other contemporary

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