She called twice but got no answer

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29-She called twice but got no answer.She called twice without getting an answer30-Never buy shoes unless you try them on first.Never buy shoes without tryms them on first31-The house is so expensive that I can't afford it- it is such an expensive house that i cant afford 32-There is no advantage in shouting at him.It's no good shouting at him33-She plays tennis better than me.I don't...Play tennis as well as him34-You can't carry this suitcase because it's too heavy.This suitcase is too heavy for you to carry35-It is possible that you left your gloves on the bus You may have left your gloves on the bus36-I won't tell anybody else about it.I'll tell nobody else37-"Open the door for me, please, Charles," said Patricia.Patricia asked Charles to open the door for her38-He ran away at the sight of the policeman.When he saw the policeman he run away39-The rain has spoiled all the flowers.All the flowers have been spoilt by the train 40-You must be home by eleven o'clock at the latest.You are not allowed to arrive home later than eleven41-His bell doesn't work.His bell is out of order.42-I shall not go there in any circumstances.In no circumstances will i go43-As you weren't there by ten o'clock, I left without you If you had been there by ten oclock i wouldn´t have left44-I shan't need to do anything till next week.Nothing will i need to be done till next wee45-I'm not impressed by rich people.Rich people don´t impress me46-Do I need to arrive so early?Is it necessary to arrive so early47-Two new suits are being made for him.He is being made two new suits50-I smoked when I was young but I dont do it now.I used to smoke when i was young51-They said, You must try some of this cake, Jane".They invited mary to have some cake52-The shelf was so high that she couldn't reach itThe shelf wasn't...Low enough for her to reach53-We enjoyed ourselves although we had no money.In spite of...Not having money,we enjoyed ourselves54-He failed the exam because he was so lazy.Because of...Being so lazy,he failed the exam55-Never buy shoes unless you try them on first.Never buy shoes without...56-My wife has cleaned the house and cooked the dinner tooAs well as... Cleaning the house my wife57-I have never seen such awful people as when I was in London.Never... Have i seen such awful people

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