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tank: first change the system of trenches.This war was static,with no movement.Trenches were simply shelters but by 1915 began to change.artillery became powerful: artillery bombardments caused more casualties than any other weapon.At the biggining guns werent very effective.By the end, artillery was much more effective.Extreamly sophisticated.The jey weapon of the ww1.Cavalry became less imp:end of the cavalry as a wapon.Become to vulnerable when trenches were dug.However, horses and mules remained vital for transporting supplies and equipment.
poison gas: was panic that the soldiers coughed, retched and struggled the breath.To start, the aim of a gass attack was to desable enemies.Later, scientists becan to prepare new gases, such as mustars gas, which had perfumed smell.Scientists developted effective masks.Soldiers would carry their gas masks with them all the time.Tanks: the tank was a british invention.The tranks were used for the first time ar the battle of Somme.Advanced ahead of the infantry.This wapon was the one that could achieve a breakthrough.Not very manouvrable and very unreliable.Impossible to miss because the wew so large and slow.

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