Campos de Castilla

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1. General Data

Born in Seville and later lived in Madrid, where he studied. In 1893 he published his first writings in prose, while his first poems appeared in 1901. He traveled to Paris in 1899, the city which he revisited in 1902, the year he met Rubén Darío, which would be a great friend throughout his life. In Madrid, about the same timemet Unamuno, Valle-Inclan, Juan Ramón Jiménez and other prominent writers who maintained a close friendship. He was professor of French, and married Leonor Izquierdo, who died in 1912. In 1927 he was elected to the Royal Spanish Academy. During the twenties and thirties wrote theater with his brother, also a poet, Manuel, premiering several works among which are La Lola is going to ports 1929 and The Duchess of Benamejí, 1931. The outbreak of the Spanish Civil War was in Madrid. He then moved to Valencia and Barcelona, and in January 1939 was exiled to the French village of Collioure, where he died in February.
Belongs to the generation of 98


At first appear 50 poems, then there appeared later editions and 90 poems.

First part of verse 1 to verse 22: describes the status of the train and the sensations produce.Segunda part of verse 23 to verse 49: He makes a reflection on a passing nun suya.Tercera is located in front of the line 50 at the end : concludes by returning to the train theme.

Portrait (XCVII)
The poet is described as not very brave nor seductive, while telling you his life from his childhood in a courtyard in Seville until his death. It was just a clever and good. He describes his simple clothes, spoke of the revolutionary tradition of his family. Another feature is that the aesthetic beauty adored. Want to be remembered for his verse, and the final account it thinks will be his life.
On the banks of the Duero (XCVIII) indicates a shift from description to reflection landscape crítica.El step of the first part stating and describing another part in which critics and regrets. Giving the feeling of seeing the first part »A. Machado poem walking alone on a landscape described as seen. Rhythm of the first part is slow, but marked by long lines, Machado sees them in the Castilian landscape of this decline could also be used to describe the Spain of his época.En the second part is more emotional tone to much criticism harder, and she is saddened by what he sees, abandoned, empty and sad, refers to the glorious past that Castile could live in the past. In a way this poem criticizes the look of Castile, Spain and all that (in my opinion) compares the time of the ancient kingdom Castilian brilliance.
For lands of Spain (XCIX)Now in this poem makes a criticism of the inhabitants of these areas, indirectly also to the people of Spain and you do not like speaking like that, now man's pine forests makes them much harm directly, ie, the continued decline the man from Spain, its stupidity.
Banks of the Douro (IIC) This poem can add to the poem that spoke of the essentiality and temporalidad.En the first target is the "essence", the soul of Castile. In the second part, however, dominates then the "temporalized" time. over the first part objetivita exalted tone, describes the preciousness of the land of Castile and his love of the soil that has given him a love and a where sentimiento.En suffer so the second part is where transfusors refers to that time.
Campos de Soria (CXIII)
The tone of farewell poem should relate to the death of Leonor their love or perhaps the other his
process that marks his life, but this "Why?" Just so you know it. The poem consists of nine parts which can be grouped into two separate blocks and grounds contenido.La metric difference between the first and The second description is that it is all and in the second part is more of memory and nostalgia, which leads him always in thought. For this had to be painful, it weighs autor.El tone has changed regarding the poems described above, since now offers a more serene but feelings of love and sadness. He quotes scenery that makes us feel this or that without thinking of us feel the author. Still expresses deep love for the land of Soria.Describiendo in this poem, to make us see his love for Soria, as well as he says, landscapes and people of Soria in the context of different times of year and very alert. They also give a note of farewell and constitute a last look at the things most dear. In response to the realities and subtleties of his chosen expresiva.Da value even passages of remembrance and longing future, history, etc..
The land of Alvargonzález (CXIV) treats the subject of romance with a very odd about the Bible the theme of Cain and Abel. Strangely it is rare to link an issue of a brother who kills another with romanticismo.Utiliza the mystery, the supernatural and the fantastic. In masterly way I see it. At the end there is a certain poet's reflections on the sad and poor.
A dry elm (CXV) That gives us the representation of an incredibly deep feeling, to be the cause of that feeling can be Leonor ... ... ... ... Who knows but the feeling that (at least in my opinion) is so deep one can take that love for Leonor and she has not shown and demonstrated in other poems. Old and lonely elm That is my view himself, but that still gives hope that it gives you feel there is resolved in the green leaves that have gone out to dry elm
The memory of Eleanor (poems CXVIII-CXXIV) This will come as shown by death, making us think that by "death in my house I go. It was approaching her bed and that bed is Leonor that the author delves into despair. The description of this landscape will not make you want to keep writing for this great loss. But poems continues Grande. quality control which does not want to happen and what will happen, "Thy will be done, Lord, against mine." Looks do not accept this loss is going to suffer but sees imminent. José María Palacio (CXXVI) The poem is a synthesis of his vision of Castile. Discuss various aspects of value, your lyrics. Describes the arrival of spring, and shows his love for the land Castilian, which is nostalgia. Because what both mean to the author, and both left.
Tomorrow ephemeral (CXXXV)The issue is Spain, which is occasionally empty, temporary and criticized the Spanish fans. The immediate future of Spain, is empty and transitory, but has the faint hope that in a future post that Spain regenerationist make progress in the country. The tone is critical, but is not as pessimistic as it houses a minimal illusion that change the country, ie almost an optimistic tone.
Proverbs and Songs (CXXXVI) Poems of thoughtfulness with short point that gives us a clearer vision of what he says.
Praise Commends Giner Ortega y Gasset, Xavier Valcárcel, Ruben Dario, Narciso Alonso Cortes, D. Miguel de Unamuno, also pays homage to the book Platero and I by Juan Ramón Jiménez and the book Castilla del maestro "Azorín." Characters and books that marked but do not write these eulogies so emphatically and so much adoration.
From my corner (CXLIII) Machado describes the Castilian landscape as if it were a box and try to analyze and excess Castilian breed "Castile the gentle and brave," also speaks of geography: moors, rivers. ... Also social aspects.
A couple Spain (CXLIV) a poem is closely connected with the above. Give the author's vision to past, present and future of Spain. In this poem is expressed in term regeneration, resulting in future, "a ray of hope."

4.Cuestiones style

Recovery of meters forgotten: Alexandrian medieval or dodecasyllabic. Creation of new ones such as sixteen or blackjack sílabas.Se modified with full freedom enshrined stanzas (sonnet, ballad). At the sound of verse help the internal assonance and rhyme acute or antepenultimate.


Although I liked the whole book over, the poem that I might have liked it better or made me feel more is not just one but a set of them, are the memory of Eleanor, why, because the author's staining a very deep feeling and melancholy.
Expresses the sense of human being who is suffering or who lose a loved one. Anything or anyone to sense and feel sure this will reflect on him, the author's love that person and forward the same as my feelings of anxiety by the author.

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