Canovist system

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cannovist system: new monarchy adopted canovist system it establish a system political Parties alternate a power Constitution of 1876: Very moderate and open asigned Power to monarchy and divided legislative power in congress and senate. Bill of Rights was extensive but limited by the govermen Bipartoship and the turno Pacifico: 2 political parties were created the power, parties defended the Monarchy and centralist state in 2 ways 1 conservative partie: defend the Church and d solcial order in place not supported comprensive reforms 2 liberal Partie: favored social and secular reforms: democratic values and u. Suffrage. 2 parties alternates by d turno pacifico when a partie lose momentu king give Power to the other.  Popular urban Classes: Craftsmen, blackmiths and carpenters live in citiesworked in the Workshop of otherts and their conditions were poor, new industries caused Workshpos close, and cratsman work into factories in wors conditions, and women Wores in a service industry. Idustrial proletariat: new social cllas that Worked in factories, the wages ranged were 1,5 pesetas, meant thta working Families nedded 4 pesetas to survive and the revolutionary ideas speading Spanish industrialisation: was a lower porcess and less comprehensive in spain Was slow because lack of purchasing power, poor transport and limited energy Soucres, long distances from spain to the other europie industrialised 

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