Canovist system

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1,The restoration-1.1AlfonsoXII&MariaCristina:In 1875 the restoration took place:the bourgeosie returned to the throne in the figure of AlfonsoXII,the son of IsabelII.-1.2Thepolitical system:based on 2 pillars:the constitut of 1876&the alternat of parties in goverm.-Contitution 1876:conservat.But it was possible for different parties to govern without the need to change it.The const contained a declaration of rights but the in goverm.Could restrict the rights if they wanted to.-There was a pacif altern.Of powers betw.2parties:the conserv party(led by Canovas del Castillo&new vers. Of old Moderate party)&liberal party(led by Sagasta&new version of old Progressive party)

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