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Cantar de Mio Cid: 1.Autoria: It is anonymous and collective creation. Menendez Pidal-S.Esteban Gormaz (1440)-Medinaceli (XIV century) 1 sing-General Plan obra.2 º sing. 2.Datacion. 3.Tema: The main theme of the play is the honor (money) and main feature of Cantar de Mio Cid is realism. 4.Estructura: Internal (item) 1 Honor Honor publishes 2nd Private / External-exile Sing-Song of the wedding-C Corpes affront. 5.The cid: He is a man reflective, appears as a husband and father. The dimension of Father of a paternal attitude tine Cid with his men, always wants the best for the men of his army and wants never lack anything. It is a model of honesty and loyalty model prudenciay King but did not treat him well. There is only one time when honesty fails Cid. The king sent a commission to Cid just no right way to save his army. 6.Caracteristicas formal: oral epic folk-literature Resources: Repeatability: anaphora, parallelism, lexical and semantic repetition, alliteration. Narrative in verse. Style: In the poem shows the influence of the epic francesa.Pervivencia of archaisms, a fact explained by the traditional character of epica.Conservacion-e paradogica.Epiteto ritual or epic that is not always a adjective and is used to identify each character. Language: You use the vocative verb forms used in 2nd person, straightforward style and the historical present. Metrica: Characterized by the regularity of carcter metrica.Es tradicional.Los popular verses are all art but far more variable: anisosilabismo.Los poems are divided into two parts called hemistiches cesura.Tiene separated by a regularity apparent rhyme in assonance and rhyme is with the-e solucionana paradoxical.

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