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ST-E: suppliers commercial or tarde credits, credits and loans,commercial discount (bills of exchange), factoring (bills/invoices). 

LT-E: credits and lt loans, leasing (operational/financial),debt loans,capital increases.
IF: maintenance, enrichment (reserves:legal,statuatory or voluntary)
Bond/shareholder: b:coming from bond issue, loans money to company lender, interest repayments, return guaranteed, return w interests, low rate of return, don't have voting rights, not affected by debt. S:coming from capital increase, buys shares in company owner, growth expectation in share prices and dividends, no guarantee of return, return as dividends, high rate of return, have voting rights, affected by debt. 
Credits/Loans:L: issued by borrower creditworthiness not a collateral type, lower interest, repayment schedule, cheaper in longterm, not tempted to spend, minimum loans terms so debt for 1 year duration, inflexible so no redraw or early repayments, longer to apply for, borrowed pays interest for whole amount. C:Issued by financial company at a preset limit according to one´s credit rating, immediate spending, linked to rewards program, good if you have stable cash flow, balance transfer and interest free days, higher interest than loans, requires minimum repayment per period, borrower only paya interest for money used. 

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