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Texto 1:“Why the leopard got its spots.” Gramatica 9)they don´t pay scienties much 10) she can´t have chosen that dress 12) ann is getting more and more scared 13) i will i had called him yesterday Lexico:un sustantivo de”goal”: aim; de la misma raiz q survive: survivor. Redaccion: would you like to have a job related to wildlife protection?Work related to terrestrial life, would help preserve it. Nowadays we care and not end updestroying it. Many people think that nature has to be careful but they are wrong and thatwe will bring consequences in the future. First I want to say that this problem should be given much more importance than it has since the care of the species to avoid extinctionis part of the responsibility of everyone and not just those who work for it. Second nature is something worth fighting q so as we get it we humans live, because if it were not forthe nature and the animals could do little to survive. According to my opinion we coulddo something to prevent extinction of animals and we could not do anything and endurethe consequences and I think q are not good.Texto 2:“Can Africa be saved?” gramatica: 10)I will not lend money unless you give it back to me 11)the journalist asked that coold africa be saved 13) billions of dollars have been provided by the richest countries in aid 13) We want to help people in Africa therefore We give money to charity.redaccion:Africa is the continent with more poverty in the world. We should do something toremedy that. According to my opinion Africa has been exploited by the rich countrieswhich sought only minerals to enrich its economy without considering the present poverty in the continent. Many people in the world think selfishly without realizing that thehungry are people like us, but unlike them we eat every day we go to educate ourchildren and there. It would be an example of humanity that each person put something on your part to allude. According to my opinion help cost nothing, in fact if we think abouta euro each person in the world do four or six billion euros, which can create hosptales,colleges and even jobs, as teachers, doctors , etc. In conclusion they are human like usif we can live well because they can not.Texto 3 “A doctor’s vision of the future of medicine”Gramnatica:10) a new instrument have been inventad by spanish engineers 11) Sarah was ill although She went to the wedding reception 13)The nurse will not let me to leave the hospital

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