Carbon monoxide along with oxygen a person feel suffocated because a) carbon monoxide reacts with oxygen b)lungs are are affected by carbon dioxide c)haemoglobin combines more rapidly with carbon monoxide than oxygen

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stimulants(speeds up cns)-cocaine

depressants(slow down cns)-alchole

narcoits(relieve pain)-morphine,heroin

cannabis(abused drug)-marijuana

inhalants(inhale to get high)-gasoline,spray can


-->Stages of Abuse (experimentation, social use, abuse, dependency)

Alchole(safe)-1 dring for girls/2 for man

People have different tolorance

short term affects: brain(development,memory)

-cardiovascular changes-heart

-liver and kidney changes

-digestive system problems.

long term:brain(addiction,loss of control)

-cardiovascular changes-heart damage, high bp

-digestive system problems.-fatty liver

-pancreas(swelling of lining)

Tabacco:Nicotine(diffult quiting,in all tabacco product,high bp) Smoke: carrinogen cancer,tar and carbon monoxide. Methoids: tar(damages respiratory syslem), cigars(high bp and desprives the body tissue and cell of oxygen), pipes and cigar(one cigar =20 cigerattes),smokeless tabacoo:chewed

short term:brain chem changes/heart rate high/taste buds are dull. Long term: chronic bronchitis, emphysema

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