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CAREERS: Aply for a job (v)-- Claim benefits(v) (reclamar beneficis)-- do a course(v)-- do a degree-- do an assignment (fer uns deures)-- do buisness-- do your h9omework-- drop out (abandonar) -- get a job-- get fired (despedir)-- get good/bad grades-- get paid (ser pagat)-- get promoted (promocionar)-- graduate from uni-- leave school-- pass an exam-- pass with flying test (bufar i fer ampolles)-- start a buisness -- start a career-- start work-- teach yourself.    NOUNS JOBS: Bank clerk (caixer)-- bank manager-- brain surgeon-- company director-- company owner (dueño) -- data analyst (financier) -- driving instructor-- film director-- firefighter -- football coach -- football player 

-- hotel manager -- hotel owner -- school teacher -- shop assistan (dependent) -- software designer -- tatoo artist-- train driver-- truck driver (camioner)-- yoga instructor     PERSONAL QUALITIES: (in)articulate (clar)-- analytical-- calm-- cautious (prudent)-- critical-- (in)decisive-- determined-- (in)efficient-- (un)enthusiastic -- (in)experienced-- focused-- hard-working -- (dis)honest-- (un)imaginative-- (un)motivated-- nervous-- (dis)obedient -- (dia)organized -- perceptive (intuitiu)-- positive -- (un)punctual-- (un)qualified-- (ir)rational-- (un)reliable (fiable)-- (ir)responsible-- smart -- (un)sociable-- (un)talented -- (un)trustworthy (confiable) -- (in)valuable    PHRASAL VERBS: get ahead (adelantar) -- get by (arreglar-se) -- take on (enfrentar-se a algu) -- take up (començar a fer) -- turn down

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